Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Exceptional yarns, unique creations.

Our production plant at Villa d’Almè is home to the world’s most important Linen Research and Development Center. A hub of unique excellence, where new, innovative and extremely beautiful yarns are designed and manufactured, as well as cutting-edge linen and hemp and textile machinery with which to make the yarns themselves.


One hundred and fifty years of boundless love for linen. One hundred and fifty years of passion, care and dedication to the noblest fibre in the world, with which we have written astonishing pages of our history: from the invention of linen for knitwear to the first 100% linen yarn made as it used to be made in the last century, from yarns in intimate blend with wool, silk, cashmere and cotton to the first stretch linen with Corespun technology.

Over 150 years, we have written so many stories with linen.

Are you ready to write the next one with us?

Yarns for loom.

From thickness for trousers and outerwear, to high-quality silk blends or fine counts for shirts, we offer truly unique products on both appearance, technical properties and versatility during weaving.

Yarn for knitwear.

We are the inventors of linen yarn for knitwear, which is why we have unique expertise in the sector. Our yarns will amaze you for the colors and effects they offer, but also for their performance during weaving.

Technical yarns.

Stretch linen with core spun technology, but also linens in intimate blend with wool or synthetic fibres: our yarns also make all the difference for sportswear and technical clothing.

Fashion Yarns

Hypoallergenic and naturally sustainable, linen gives your fabrics the refinement and elegance of the past, as well as sustainable performance to dress the future in the best possible way.

Ask us how we can help you create the perfect linen yarn for your clothing fabrics: we have sophisticated or rustic solutions, colored or raw, also available in small quantities and infinitely customizable.

Yarns for upholstery

For resistance and breathability, but above all for intrinsic refinement, linen is also an excellent fibre for upholstery and interior design.

At Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale we offer a wide range of yarns that can make all the difference in every area of use: from home textiles to upholstery coverings, we have the best solutions for weight, color, finishing and customization. Whatever your idea is, we have the yarn for you.

Colors, textures and versatility.

Three-dimensional in the colors and textures that it can create, thanks to unparalleled printing, dyeing, and spinning techniques, we are the only producers of extraordinary and elegant chenille that is 100% linen!