Linen, precious as the future


The linen with speckled charm.

The linen with speckled charm.

It is said that long ago a dyer was coloring his yarn in his village workshop when through the window he saw an attractive lady pass by. He was so distracted by her beauty that he made a mistake in the dyeing process. It was that error that gave rise to Erica, the pure linen yarn dyed with an exclusive process that produces surprising effects.

Just as the wonderful tones of the flower of the heather plant embellishes the winter landscape of the valli bergamasche, so too Erica, with its speckled color, gives the fabric a vintage and délavé appearance. These inimitable tones obtained by a complex dying process make them resistant to tests.

Erica is the ideal yarn for both apparel and upholstery and furnishing textiles.

Unique know-how

Color fastness


Vintage look