Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future


Exhibition of textile and contemporary art on the occasion of the 150th anniversary


Exhibition of contemporary textile art

Our spaces host the works of some great exponents of international textile art within the DE FILO exhibition: a path that combines the Italian industrial tradition, the languages of communication and contemporary art to give life to an exploration broad and varied concept of the Linificio universe and the culture of linen.

Industrial environments, once dedicated to winding, thus take on a new life.

The art exhibition develops from site-specific works, designed to interact with the company’s spaces, products and history, tracing a path within a selection of other textile works, carried out in collaboration with Artemorbida and Miniartextil

You will admire works created by:

Kaori Miyayama

Matteo Berra


Mimmo Totaro

Valeria Scuteri

Giulia Nelli

Daniela Frongia

Federica Patera e Andrea Sbra Perego

Dado Schapira

Cristian Boffelli

Diego Dominici

Matthew Attard

Eva e Franco Mattes

Matteo Rigamonti e Giorgio Assi


This unique event falls within a significant year for the entire Bergamo area, that of Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023, strengthening the relationship between the company and the territory.

The outcomes

The 150 years of activitỳ of a company represent a unique opportunity, a chance to

  • stop and rethink the past and its history, the values to be transmitted first and foremost within the company, as well as externally to stakeholders.
  • project oneself concretely towards the future, involving all the protagonists of the path to come, essential resources to face the challenges of the market.


The birthday of the Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale was indeed a moment of celebration and reunion, but also a unique moment of communication capable of building a strong and long-lasting experience.

Art as a means of connection

Art was the key to weaving virtual bridges to discover multiple themes, from faith to culture, getting to know people, stories, experiences and creating new individual and collective memories. 

A few numbers

Exclusive event at Monastero di Astino
Industry and territory open day
Days open to the public
Visitors of the Exhibition
Visitors of the Open day
Square meters redeveloped and intended for cultural use