Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Woods of Linificio.

Being a B Corp™ means guaranteeing high environmental standards, so it is not surprising that among the stakeholders to whom attention and care must be given is the environment.

Every year, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale implements projects to reduce its impact and continue its wide-ranging sustainability path. From the streamlining of production processes to the development of new products with sustainable DNA, to the pursuit of various ESG objectives aimed at ensuring life on earth and in the seas.

150 years after the founding of  Linificio, in 2023 the Woods of Linificio in Spineto, in the municipality of Aprigliano (CS), born from the partnership between the company and Regala un albero, will see the light of: 1,000 new trees (700 oaks, 200 ash and 100 beech), figuratively one for each employee, planted in the biogenetic reserve of the Sila piccola, in Calabria.

The objectives of the project are to mitigate almost all the CO2 emissions produced by the company fleet at the three sites and to protect the natural heritage, as well as the biodiversity, of an area that has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2014.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now” said Confucius, and Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale is acting now with concrete actions to create the basis for a better and more sustainable future for all.

Just like a tree, the Linificio changes its leaves but not its roots, holding firm to its principles for 150 years and continuing on a company path of improvement, which reflects positively on the environment and society.