Linen, precious as the future


The elegance of jaspé without its limitations.

The elegance of jaspé without its limitations.

There are times when a fortuitous encounter creates a special kind of magic. A truly apt description of Fusion, the 100% linen yarn that is the perfect union of two souls of the same fibre: the first, raw-white; the second, masterfully coated with a special resin.

When colored with dyes typically used for wool, something astonishing takes place. While the natural raw-white fibre takes on color, the part of the resin-coated linen turns the desired hue, bringing the jaspé effect to life.

With colors that are both bright and delicate, Fusion turns fabrics into refined and elegant textiles. But that’s not all – with this noble yarn we can achieve the same results in yarn, piece or garment, offering exceptional versatility for production and storage.

Fusion comes in a range of colors that vary from light grey to deep blue, by way of pastel colors, which make it perfect for all types of fabric.

It is ideal for producing clothing and circular knitting fabrics.  

Available in count 26-36

100% Linen

Jaspé effect

From dyed yarn to dyed garment