Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Lino d’Italia

A yarn of 100% pure Italian beauty.

Today even the world of yarns has its hymn.

A hymn to excellence, savoir-faire and an Italian tradition that after 60 years returns to flourish in its magnificent splendor.

It is called Lino d’Italia: the first and only 100% Italian yarn obtained from plants cultivated locally by Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale, and produced in Villa d’Almé in the only mill in the world that has been spinning linen without interruption for 150 years.

Lino d’Italia, the highest expression of love for the purest and most sustainable raw material in the world, is also a hymn to nature. In order to achieve this, we have written a specification based on the principles of regenerative agriculture. By guaranteeing profitability to the farmer and employing cultivation methods aimed at protecting the environment, we are able to transfer and regenerate the tradition of linen we have been custodians of for generations.

Thus, we have not only brought back to life a magnificent linen with timeless allure, cultivated with that love, simplicity and respect for the fibre that make it unique, but we have also revived a supply chain that is 100% Italian, considerably shortened and traceable with a block-chain system. For the first time in our world, it will be possible to know about every step of the production process: from seed to fibre, from field to spinning mill, cone by cone.

By touching it you will discover that it is not just a yarn, but an authentic hymn to Italianness and the most authoritative ambassador that gives value to your most precious and unique fabrics.

Available in count 24- 36 natural, 26-39 white

100% Made in Italy

Unique competence

100% natural

Unique radiance

Unique regularity