Linen, precious as the future


Verve and elegance for upholstery fabrics

Verve and elegance for upholstery fabrics

The Ancient Greek word Kρόκη (Kroke), from which the crocus flower takes its name, is wonderfully pertinent to textiles. Its precise meaning is filament, or fibre, hence just a short step to yarn and weft.

The ancients coined the term for the flower because of its long, exceptionally fragrant, and colourful pistils: veritable flames of color within a delicately shaded casket of white, pink and blue.

So too our own Crocus, an intimate blend of linen and spun silk in the counts for upholstery fabrics, reveals fluctuating flames of startling colors that embellish the rustic effect of the fabric with energy and refinement.

Crocus is the ideal yarn to give verve and elegance to upholstery for sofas, cushions and curtain fabrics. 

Available in count 9,5

Intimate blend

Unique know-how

100% natural,
0% chemical

Surprising colors

Rustic look