Linen, precious as the future


The art of three-dimensionality.

The art of three-dimensionality.

If Dante is the father of the Italian language, Giotto is the father of painting.

He was the first artist to use three-dimensional space, depth and perspective, together with natural colors and chiaroscuro, and by doing so revolutionized the way the world was represented in painting.

In the same way, our own Giotto has revolutionized textiles, giving them remarkable depth and extraordinarily refined chromatic effects.

Giotto is the 100% linen yarn with polychromatic effect achieved through special printing technology. It gives furnishing fabrics three-dimensionality, depth and exceptional allure with the skilful combination of soft and elegant colors.

Available in count 6

Unique know-how

Printed yarn

Three-dimensional look

Rustic look