Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

A partner for special projects


13 May 2024


The collaboration of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale with Terre de Lin has been a fruitful path, marked in recent years by several significant projects.

The two realities joined forces in the cultivation and scutching of linen for the meticulous reproduction of the Holy Shroud, a project that required not only precision, but also deep respect for tradition. The Flax in Val Gandino project, which began in April 2020 with the sowing of the first field, aimed to rediscover and enhance the cultivation and culture of flax in the region, and to create certified 1:1 scale copies of the Holy Shroud. This local initiative, supported by the International Centre for Shroud Studies (CISS) and Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, has not only made it possible to re-establish flax cultivation in Italy, but has also helped to promote sustainable cultivation methods and provide Italian farmers with Terre de Lin seeds and know-how.

In addition, the collaboration was instrumental in reintroducing the cultivation of the fibre in our country, with the aim of developing a 100% Italian yarn, Lino d’Italia. Terre de Lin provided comprehensive support to farmers, sharing advanced farming methods and providing them with high quality seeds.

The 1873-The Ould Linen yarn project and the Blockchain initiative are emblematic examples of Linificio and Terre de Lin’s innovative approach. In particular, the blockchain project has allowed us to trace the path of flax from field to yarn, guaranteeing transparency and sustainability at every step.

These collaborations underline the two companies’ shared commitment to sustainability, innovation and the revival of traditional practices in linen production. Through the partnership, the flax heritage is preserved and the way is paved for a more sustainable future in the textile industry.