Linen, precious as the future


Noble fibres, precious slubs

Noble fibres, precious slubs

Originally from the Chinese province of Shandong, traditional shantung was a very precious silk fabric, produced by a highly unusual double secretion that came about by the crossbreeding of two silkworms who built their own cocoon together.

The result is an intense and unique irregularity made of slubs, buttons and knots, which today can be found in Shantung. This yarn represents the perfect synthesis of the beauty of linen and the preciousness of silk.

Created by an intimate blend of the two most noble fibres in the world, this yarn shows surprising results due to very long and bright slubs that give the fabrics amazing and unexpected effects. Its peculiarity lies in its smooth but irregular appearance, granted by the presence of silk slubs that remain inside the yarn, without being dispersed while weaving, thanks to a special process.                   

Used to make fine garments, Shantung delivers extraordinary results in rustic knits. It is ideal for pattern or fancy fabrics for shirting, apparel and curtains.

Available in Nm 39

Intense slubs

Precious silk


Contrast shades