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Intense flames and soft hues for bright and alluring fabrics

Intense flames and soft hues for bright and alluring fabrics

If hashtag #venice today has more than 15 million posts on Instagram, it is with Canaletto that it all began.

As early as 1700, the eccentrically ingenious Canaletto was wandering around Venice with an extraordinary and unheard-of optical apparatus.

With the precursor of today’s still cameras in his hands he was trying to capture and then reproduce the shades and flashes that he saw along the canals, across the sky and in the narrow streets and piazzas of this wonderful lagoon city.

We have dedicated this 100% linen yarn to the great artist precisely because of this spirit of innovation and the light that plays across the fabrics that it brought about.

Achieved through special printing technology, our Canaletto is a yarn with intense and irregular flames which, combined with soft and elegant colours, give the fabrics three-dimensionality, depth and allure.

The ideal yarn for creating vivid and exquisite furnishing fabrics, just like real “living works”.

Available in Nm 6

Unique know-how

Printed yarn

Intense flames

Three-dimensional appearance


100% Linen