Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

1873 – The Ould Linen

a ‘direct thread’ linking past, present and future.

12 Sep 2020


Linificio, in collaboration with Terre de Lin, has given life to 1873 – The Ould Linen, a linen yarn of the highest quality produced with the original techniques from the beginning of the last century, in order to obtain a fabric with the quality, purity and elegance of the past.

Seemingly uncomplicated in appearance but in reality the result of meticulous and exhaustive research aimed at innovation, an integral part of the DNA of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale. A new yarn, but with its original look and entirely environmentally friendly.

The tradition and craftsmanship of the 19th century are back in vogue, adapted and updated to give life to exquisite fabrics, intended as part of the family heritage to be handed down from generation to generation, whether they be for shirts, jackets, tablecloths, sheets or upholstery.

1873 – The Ould Linen is available in both its distinctive natural color and white, in counts 52, 39 and 26.

1873 – The Ould Linen yarn has obtained gold level of the C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM, a trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII).

“1873 – The Ould Linen is the result of a truly unique journey undertaken with our partner Terre de Lin”  – explains Pierluigi Fusco Girard, CEO of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale. “We wanted to create linen of the highest quality and very low environmental impact, made with raw materials and techniques faithful to those of the past. We started from the selection of a seed washed only with steam and naturally resistant to the principal threats of the crop, planted within carefully selected land and cultivated without the use of any chemical product.

The fibre thus obtained is processed as it was done in the last century, when Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale first began spinning in Lombardy. The yarn obtained embodies all the beauty and purity of the linen of the past.”

Terre de Lin, partner of Linificio in this project, is the most important agricultural cooperative in the world, and cultivates this amazing plant in Normandy, where the microclimate adapts perfectly to the natural needs of flax, starting from a pure seed.

To produce 1873 – The Ould Linen, modern spinning machines were adapted, bringing them back to function with techniques faithful to those of the last century, reproducing the slow and fascinating craftsmanship of a distant time. Even during spinning, no chemical agents have been used in preserving the fabric’s natural color.