Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

FILO 2021

Two new yarns previewed at “Filo 2021”

1 Sep 2021


On the occasion of the 56th edition of Filo, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale presented two different fabrics that showed its skill in research and innovation: the timeless charm of antique linen and the revolutionary performance of stretch linen.

1873 – THE OULD LINEN: made in collaboration with Terre de Lin, it is a linen yarn of the highest quality produced with the same techniques that were used at the beginning of the last century, to obtain a fabric faithful in quality, purity and elegance to that of the past.

A new linen textile with the allure of tradition, and which recently obtained at Gold level the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™, a trademark of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII).

The certificate was awarded for the textile’s positive impact on the planet and on people’s well-being, thanks to its infinite regenerative potential at the service of new production chains and as a consequence of sustainability and the circular economy. It is issued only to companies and products that have responded positively to rigorous scientific criteria developed to evaluate safety and responsible production free of harmful elements.

1873 – The Ould Linen is the first and only linen yarn in the world to have obtained this certificate. An apparently uncomplicated yarn, but the fruit of three years of research by Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale aimed at innovation, resulting in its original appearance and its nature of respect for the environment. 

This yarn is available in both its characteristic natural colour and white, in counts 52, 39 and 26.

From its respect for the past and its contemporary updating of 19th century craftsmanship, this is a veritable revolution that gives life to an ingeniously innovative yarn, as its very name suggests.

LEONARDO – elastic linen that previously did not exist.
A patented yarn with a high degree of innovation, developed to create a linen fabric that is even more comfortable to wear, also in its formal version, as it is crease-resistant and perfect for any occasion.

A thread with inner elasticity. An exclusive combination of linen and nylon – or linen and wool in the LEONARDO WOOL version – which thanks to manufacture with corespun system and wet spinning of its intimate blends stands out for its extraordinary elasticity combined with versatility, smoothness and regularity.

Leonardo guarantees textiles that keep their shape with minimal creasing, revolutionizing wearability and increasing the opportunities to wear garments in linen.

The result of the work of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale’s research labs and produced in-house using specialized machinery at the Villa d’Almé (BG) headquarters, LEONARDO is a single garment yarn applicable both to fashion and to upholstery/ home furnishing fabrics, perfectly maintaining performance even after being subjected to the dyeing and finishing phases, precisely because it is not mixed with other materials.

The Salone dei Filati e delle Fibre is an opportunity for Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale to present as part of the Spring-Summer collection CANOVA and CANALETTO in 100% linen, whose very names are inspired by the sublime art and exquisite excellence of Italy.

CANOVA gives life to enveloping fabrics that recall the mobility/resilience of the marble sculptures of an artist who reproduced in his works the ideals of classical beauty, with brilliant chromatic effects obtained through special printing technology.

CANALETTO on the other hand fascinates for its iridescent shades – the result of spinning with intense and regular flames – reminiscent of the shades of color reproduced on the canvases of the Venetian painter, giving the fabric a sophisticated three-dimensional appearance.

In the category of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale’s innovative elasticity is DYNAMIC, a yarn obtained in intimate and uniform blend of linen and nylon, to create technical fabrics with stretch effect, minimal creasing and particularly resistant to wear obtained using production waste (used for over 50%) from its spinning machines, which is remanipulated and reused by mixing it with virgin linen fibre.

A poetic and environmentally friendly way to create fabrics with natural appeal, rustic charm and elegant allure.

The beauty of the circular economy.