Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linificio e canapificio nazionale receives the “100 national ambassadors award”

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has been awarded the prestigious “100 National Ambassadors Award”

16 Dec 2019


Throughout its 145-year history Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has been awarded Gold Medals and Diplomas of Honor, which have always served as a spur to improvement.

 This year, beneath the Allegory of Rome fresco in the Sala della Lupa of Palazzo Montecitorio, the seat of Italy’s Parliamentary Chamber of Deputies, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale was honored with the “100 Italian Excellences Award”.

 An award that celebrates the values of Made in Italy, of which Linificio is a major exponent for its ability to innovate, to be close to its customers’ needs and for its awarenness of both environmental and social issues.

 Numerous companies and celebrities were present. Not only was productivity and quality rewarded, but above all winning vision aimed at progress and scientific research.

It is only by never losing sight of our clear future can we advance with great strides towards success that endures over time and is laudable.

 During the event Riccardo Dell’Anna, publisher and organizer of the event, said that “the passion for beauty, attention to tradition and promotion of innovation strongly express our character as Italians and above all as free thinkers”. Angelo Buscema, President of the Court of Auditors, as well as President of the Honorary Committee, added that “excellence in this country is widespread and the value of people is measured on the basis of what they have produced during their work experience”.

 “In receiving the award on such a special occasion I feel honored to represent all those who over time have made Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale an Italian Excellence” began Pierluigi Fusco Girard in his acceptance speech. “This is an important recognition of our commitment, determination, passion, but also of our courage. Characteristics that have contributed to making our company a national and international benchmark, an Italian excellence recognized worldwide for creativity, reliability, innovation and sustainability”.

Now we can go home and get back to work with even greater willingness to move the bar a little higher, always moving forward.