Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linen, precious as the future

Linificio for the protection of life in the seas


12 Jun 2024


It took 10 divers and 20 hoisting balloons to recover a large mesh pair trawl, a bicycle and a windlass inside the Regno di Nettuno Protected Marine Area at Punta Pizzaco, Procida.

This is the Operation Ghost Nets by Marevivo that took place on 8th June 2024 on World Oceans Day in collaboration with Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale and under the supervision of the Harbour Master’s Office and the Procida Municipality, coordinated by Commander Fabiola Ratano, with the AMP Regno di Nettuno, the Carabinieri Divers of Naples, ANS Diving Ischia, Stabiae Diving, Acqua VET and Caplem.

1000 kg of abandoned pair trawl and waste that perpetuate their activity of destroying the flora and fauna of the seabed over time: gorgonians, paramuricea, sponges, corals suffocated by the presence of these elements.

‘Besides continuing to fish, they tend to break up into millions of microplastics that then remain in the sea forever,’ explains Massimiliano Falleri, Marevivo Diving Division Manager.

These tiny particles are the result of the degradation of larger plastic objects and can be swallowed by marine animals causing physical and chemical damage. In addition, microplastics can also be transported through the food chain, reaching our plates.

The problem of pair trawl and pelagic trawling has alarming proportions in Europe and does not spare even Marine Protected Areas. According to a recent report by Bloom Association, in 2023 the European Union recorded almost 6.2 million hours of this type of activity in its waters, 27% of which within protected areas: a true emergency.


The operation took place in the presence of Linificio’s CEO Pierluigi Fusco Girard:

‘I would like to express my deep appreciation for the initiative of Marevivo and all the partners involved in recovering ghost nets from our seas. As a B Corp certified company, we are firmly committed to promoting sustainable practices and protecting the marine environment. I invite everyone to join us in this collective effort to preserve the beauty and richness of the oceans. Only through joint and coordinated action can we effectively address this challenge and ensure a sustainable future for our precious marine heritage.”

A B Corp certified company, therefore, that follows the ESG Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Indeed, ESG Goal 14, Life Under Water, is crucial: it aims to protect marine resources and conserve biodiversity.

In order to achieve it, we all need to work together and raise public awareness of the problem of the loss of marine biodiversity and the actions that can be taken to protect it. Linificio has long achieved this awareness and supports Marevivo in its activities and is concretely committed to doing its part. For example, by devising together with Kuku International Packaging the first 100% ecological linen net for food packaging, L!NCREDIBLE®, that does not create environmental damage.

Together we can make the difference.