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At a time in which more and more companies are looking to reduce their environmental footprint, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale responds with its natural and top-quality fibers and treatments aimed at preserving linen's precious properties.

Linen: the many properties of a single fiber

Linen is the most breathable fiber in nature; it is hygroscopic, does not conduct electricity, and provides protection against electromagnetic pollution by filtering 95% of UVA rays. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-static textile. Flax is beneficial to the environment because it is grown through a cultivation process that requires very little water, enriches the composition of the soil, produces little waste; it is also proven to relax the muscles of the body. It is natural, healthy and provides protection. Linen boasts high performance, has unparalleled properties and ensures freshness due to its high level of breathability, incredible absorbent power and the ductile irregularity of its yarns.

An eco-friendly, zero-impact noble fiber with countless application options, the farming of which in Europe is an eco-sustainable activity. Flax is experiencing a renaissance thanks to its ability to effectively help fight environmental pollution, lower energy costs and protect biodiversity, without forgetting the beauty of the textiles it yields. Linen is fresh, hygroscopic and anti-bacterial. It is ecological because the plants require limited use of herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides and cultivation enriches the composition of the soil. It is "cross-seasonal" and reduces heat dispersion because of its thermal regulation ability.

Organic linen: the underlying reasons

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale strengthens its traditional commitment to the environment by producing green products. The result is the organic linen Bioflax, a fiber that perfectly responds to the need for guaranteed organic products. Sourced from plants grown without the use of chemical substances and that have been transformed and treated according to strict regulations in order to preserve the organic features of the raw material used, controlled and certified by independent laboratories throughout the production process.

Customers can clearly recognize a product that is organic, inspected and certified.

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