MOST - Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale



Functional and traceable textile materials.

The project entails the creation of a surface nanostructure able to manage in a modulated and flexible manner the thermal-dynamic equilibriums of partitions in terms of absorption and/or molecule release.

The research program sets out to apply and validate innovative techniques and technologies to obtain textile materials made of natural cellulose fibers in various states of structurally-modified processing with the objective of rendering them:


flexibly functional: the ability to be functionalized and multi-functional based on the need and purpose of use. Functionalization confers the textile substrate permanent specialist characteristics or enables loading with controlled release molecules;


traceable: the ability to be directly traced to the production supply chain, to protect the innovative characteristics of functionalization;


protected against possible counterfeiting: a unique code system able to match the product to the lot and to the subject or to the supply chain phase for which the guarantee of authenticity is intended.