LINIMPIANTI - Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale strives for perfection not only in the attention to and choice of raw materials, but also in the search for the perfect refinement and latest fashion colors.


Long-standing experience and knowledge in the area of raw materials requires innovation, flexible production systems, efficient and automated processes, and, above all, cutting-edge technology and special patents in order to achieve a quality and highly-recognizable product.


Based on a strong desire to set itself apart, thirty years ago, the Linimpianti division was created for design, production, innovation and automization in the world of textile machinery for processing and spinning hard fibers.

A totally integrated and in-house structure that relies on the know-how of internal technicians constantly at work on new ideas and prototypes and that of qualified sector experts.


Technique, passion and unique know-how in the world of linen yarns. Numerous patents protect our machinery, which have led us to important synergies with Europe's leading mechanical-textile constructors and with research companies and universities across Italy.


A line of research is dedicated to streamlining operations in order to make our spinning machines more automated while still guaranteeing a high-quality yarn.

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