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A well-identified and certifiable raw material: Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale seeks territorial traceability to produce yarns that are recognizable and distinguishable from others on the market with the same morphology.

An environmental, ethical and health decision that affects the entire supply chain.


Linificio purchases the raw material, which is Made in Italy, Made in Europe, EUR 1, EUR MED:

in the world of textiles, the Masters of Linen community is the only integrated and preferentially European supply chain, offering the certainty of certified origin and the guarantee of strong added value of the fiber itself.

BE LINEN MOVIE 2 from Linen and Hemp Community

On this basis, the Bioflax range of organic linen is certified EKO Sustainable Textile, the international symbol for organic quality.


The raw materials hail from fields that have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals; the yarn is processed using products that comply with strict organic regulations, bleaching and dyeing are done according to G.O.T.S.-approved recipes and dyes. We conduct continuous research in an effort to produce organic yarns that are in line with environmental, ethical and health standards and satisfy the need for solidity, performance… and style.

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