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A leader in furniture for exclusive environments.

Using the most ancient, noble, natural and precious fiber, the yarns featured in the Zignago line have earned top billing in the home décor, curtain and wallpaper sectors. This is in line with the latest trends in home décor and with the growing expectations of those who love this fiber and use it in the most exclusive environments.


The Zignago line of yarns offers a vast range of yarns with thread counts particularly suited for furniture applications.


We carefully select raw materials to produce yarns with specific technical characteristics designed to resist wear and tear.


Ambra, Ice and Diamante are precious ranges within the Zignago collection.

Ambra, a range of yarns produced using the dry spinning method in which the strong character of this natural fiber helps create an extremely versatile fabric that lends a touch of sophistication and elegance to both modern and traditional spaces.

Ice, a line of yarns especially suited for clothing and shirtwear. Crafted following a careful selection of raw materials meticulously processed to create a high-quality yarn. Ideal for high-range textile productions due to its uniformity and compactness, Ice is available in a wide range of stock service colors in trendy and traditional tones or in exclusive colors for dyeing.


Diamante is a line of yarns perfect for bedwear and bathwear. The yarns undergo special treatments that give added value to the product for a feeling of well-being day after day. All of the yarns are available in natural, raw and tinted colors. The dyeing process is conducted and controlled entirely in-house with a wide range of stock service colors available using Indanthrene dyes to guarantee maximum product performance.

The Zignago Tessile collection is the result of a series of key elements that add real and perceived value to the fabrics. High technical features, achieved thanks to carefully-selected raw materials, smooth and supple textures, quality finishings and the preservation of linen's natural properties: lightness, purity and resistance to deformities.