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Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale S.r.l Società Benefit and Kukù International Packaging S.r.l combine their respective know-how to change the future of global packaging giving life to L!NCREDIBLE® - 100% Linen, Super Sustainable Packaging: the revolutionary products with a soul in linen for packaging with the super power of sustainability. 

L!NCREDIBLE® was born to succeed in an impossible enterprise: to reduce pollution from plastic nets, inducing people to act with more awareness and responsibility towards the environmental impact generated by daily choices.

A challenge won, after three years of experiments, thanks to the research of Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale, the engineering of Kukù International Packaging and the contribution of the no-profit Marevivo  Onlus.  The three have joined together to create a real revolution starting with food packaging, but which is already in the experimentation phase in the fish farming sector with the production of nets for fishing, breeding and the sale of mussels.

A new brand with incredible technical properties and environmental impact:

it is air friendly, because the flax absorbs CO2 in the cultivation phase;

it is earth friendly, enriches the ground and is biocompatible;

it is water friendly, because it allows to replace plastic nets that today pollute our seas with food packaging.

The new packaging represents a truly extraordinary solution for the sustainable packaging sector, which has already become a reality in France and Germany and will soon be distributed in Italy as well.

On the Italian territory, every year, about 250 million packs of 3 heads of garlic and about 20 million sacks for potatoes are consumed for a total of about 11 million kg of plastic: numbers that highlight the urgency of a change of pace.

The necessary ecological transaction is possible only through cooperation, sharing of ideas and connections from different sectors.

In this way, incredible projects can take life, attentive to the future and to the conservation of the planet, just like L!NCREDIBLE®, the super-hero packaging.

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