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From gods and legends, from the Egyptians to Leonardo Da Vinci, our history is intertwined with the thousand-year-old history of linen.


Philippe de Girard files the patent for the first wet flax spinning machine, paving the way for linen spinning.


In the wake of the industrial revolution, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale S.p.A. is founded by Andrea Ponti. Considered one of the oldest companies in Europe and a symbol of Italian excellence in the production of hemp and linen, its earliest activities are concentrated on wet and dry spinning.


Linificio is the third Italian company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.


With the acquisition of numerous facilities, the company begins to operate on a national scale and strives to become a point of reference worldwide.




The economic boom, along with the favorable political climate, makes it possible for Linificio to consolidate its growth and production in both the domestic and foreign markets.


Marzotto Group acquires a majority stake in Linificio (54% of the share capital).



Production begins in Tunisia and UAB Lietlinen, in Lithuania, is founded with the goal of bringing Linificio closer to the new markets of Eastern Europe.


Linificio merges with Zignago Tessile S.p.A., the spinning mill ranking second in Europe with a consolidated tradition based on quality and service in the textile market.

Today, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale is 100% held by Marzotto Group, which widens its range of offerings with linen items for the clothing sector and the home décor sector.

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