LINITALY - Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale



Development of linen fabric and yarn.

Intense research activity and development structured on principle lines based on the study and application of cutting-edge linen fiber technologies able to confer radically superior properties and characteristics to those currently available.

The LinItaly program has the goal of bringing innovation to Made in Italy linen and to radically increase performance with regard to:


the aesthetic and functional characteristics of a product, by introducing new properties that are functional to the fiber so that they can be applied across a wide spectrum of textiles, particularly knitwear and high-end woven products;


productivity, measured as unitary consumption of raw materials, chemical products and energy per meter of fiber useable in the weaving and knitting phase – automation;


eco-compatibility measured across the entire life cycle of the product, with the reduction of energy consumption, use of chemical products and waste production in relation to the amount of finished products produced.