LINIFICIO - Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale



Natural, comfortable and versatile: linen is featured prominently in today's latest fashions and perfectly encapsulates tradition and innovation.

The new industrial organization of Linificio group relies on human, technological and financial resources to adequately respond to the challenges posed by the global dynamics of the textile-clothing sector and to capture every opportunity for innovation and development.


Linen has always been a staple in fashion. In today's panorama of textile fibers, linen leads the way as an elitist, refined and elegant material.

Its properties are highly sought after by fashion designers around the world who are eager to interpret the textile's many possible expressions.


Linificio arises from the need for across-the-board lifestyle collections, even in combination with other fibers.


This collection showcases the most innovative content and a complete offering able to satisfy sector needs.

Pure linen yarns, with thread counts ranging from Nm 2.5 to Nm 90, are widely appreciated by specialists and used in the production of textiles for men's and women's clothing, lending elegance and comfort to those who wear them.


The best yarns, named Astro, boast thread counts ranging from Nm 26 to Nm 90 and are 100% fine linen.

High-performance European hemp is comfortable and pleasing to the touch, with thread counts from Nm 4.2 to Nm 26.


Pure linen gives way to equally noble blends such as the refined Icaro Linen-Silk, a yarn that yields elegantly understated fabrics.

Through a special process performed exclusively by hand, Linificio has designed its own Linen-Cashmere blend.


The result is an extraordinarily light, fresh and natural yarn.

The collection also features Dedalo Linen-Silk-Cashmere, a new blend of natural combed, blended and spun fibers designed to create a high-performance product that encapsulates all of the characteristics of high-end yarns.

Ongoing research in the choice of raw materials – how they are selected, optimized and controlled during processing – makes it possible to obtain high-quality yarns for fabrics that express innovation and elegance.


The POWER crêpe yarn mimics wrinkled fabric while maintaining a light and soft feel.

Panama, a slub yarn with a wavy and irregular effect, creates textured fabrics that showcase the dominant feature of this product.

To ensure performance, quality and cutting-edge applications, Linificio has created a range of Hi-tech products used in sectors in which linen is also used as a technical product.


This product range is widely used in sports such as sailing, for which continuous and pioneering research have led to the engineering of high-performance pure linen yarns.


Style, performance and sophistication can be found in the pure linen mélange range created by dyeing ribbons of linen tops and blending them with other fibers to produce a wavy and colorful yarn. The fabrics obtained as a result boast unique chromatic effects provided by the yarn itself. New Opale is the expression of a hand-crafted product within the Linificio collection synonymous with research, style and elegance.


In addition to the mélanges, the collection also features tinted-threads in an assortment of counts obtained through multiple dyeing methods (solid colors, direct-reactive-delavè and Indanthrene dyes), yarns that have undergone special resin treatments, post-dyeing treatments (for an even more unique texture) and specific treatments to satisfy any need.

Ample space is also given to the collection of yarns for flat knitting machines, designed and created using cabling techniques and available in a large range of counts and a wide selection of both traditional and fashion colors.


All of the color options within the range are carefully assessed and updated thanks to the close collaborations we have with international fashion design firms.