CERTIFICATIONS - Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale



National and international certifications guarantee a sustainable product fully in line with the regulations in force.

This quality mark certifies Linificio's yarn quality,

in accordance with the CELC (Confédération Européenne Lin et Chanvre). Applied to products manufactured in Europe and decentralized yarns, the mark certifies every textile entirely cultivated and transformed in Western Europe in terms of resistance, color retention, dimensional stability and clarity of chemical composition.


Linificio complies with the certification of environmental quality mark of the European Union.



This standard is applied to guarantee that all Linificio products

are not harmful to human health and ensure that the substances which may develop in the product are within the limits set forth by the OEKO-TEX standard.


This international mark guarantees the organic quality of Linificio's Bioflax yarns.